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Ottawa County

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The first three years of life are the most critical in a child’s development. There are typical signs of growth and development, and each child learns and grows differently. Parents are often the first to notice when their child is not learning or growing like other infants and toddlers. Sometimes, as they grow, children may have trouble seeing, hearing, talking, walking—or have other special needs. That’s when Early Intervention (EI) &Early Intervention  can help.

Early Intervention has four goals:

  • to enhance the development of infants & toddlers with disabilities;
  • reduce educational costs by minimizing the need for special education;
  • minimize the likelihood of institutionalization and maximize independent living;
  • and, to enhance the capacity of families to meet their child’s developmental needs.

We offer parents information about child development, activities to enhance development and referrals to community resources which provide services to children under the age of 3 and their families.

If your child is determined eligible, services may include:

  • Developmental screenings, assessments and evaluations
  • Home visiting
  • Service coordination
  • Link you to specialized services your child may need (i.e. Physical, Occupational & Speech therapies)
  • Assistance with transition to preschool
  • Family Support
  • Development of an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan

How do I make a referral to the Early Intervention Program?

Secure Web-Based Referral Form: https://refer.ohiocentralintake.org
Toll-Free Help Me Grow Referral Line: (800) 755-4769
Local Help Me Grow Referral Line: (419) 665-3322

Early Intervention brochure


Developmental Milestones

Although each child's development is different, some common steps in your child's growth are listed below:

By 3 months
Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach
Makes cooing noises
Turns head to sounds
Begins to make eye contact

By 6 Months
Sits with minimal support
Rolls from side to side
Babbles more than two sounds
Transfers objects from hand to hand and mouth to hand

By 12 months
Pulls self to standing
Crawls on hands and knees
Picks things up with thumb and one finger
Holds and drinks from a cup

By 18 months
Walks – may run a bit
Climbs up or down one step
Partially feeds self
May say 5-10 words

By 24 months
Walks-may run a bit
Walks up and down steps, two feet on
each step
Uses two word sentences
Imitates Housework

By 30 Months
Jumps with both feet in place
Follows 2 part command
Uses a 50 word vocabulary
Imitates drawing simple lines

By 36 months
Walks up stairs
Stands on one foot
Feeds self
Opens door
Ready for toilet training

Parents Rights in Early Intervention


Early Intervention
Baby Bill of Rights

Sing, hum, babble, or even read the funnies to me! I don’t know what you're saying, but I need to hear you.   And I do know what you mean, even if I may not know the words.  Like your voice tones mean, “I love you”, or when you yell, I hear, “You're a pest!” Unless you communicate with me, how can I learn?  I learn from you.

Everything is so big and new to me. I don't understand where I am.  Or who I am. And I get scared, but when you hold me, your heartbeat makes me feel I belong here. I belong to you.

I don't cry to get you upset or get you mad. I cry because I can't tell you how I feel any other way. Maybe I'm cold...or wet...or hungry...or scared...or lonely. Answer my cries, you'll soon know what each one means.

You'll help me be a better baby and make you happier, too.

Like me.  Love me just as I am. Don't expect me to do what I can't do. Like being toilet-trained. My muscles aren't ready yet. I know I'm messy. But I'm growing. Overlook my baby weakness. You're the most important person in my world. I can't make it without you. So get to know me. Have fun with me, and love me...just as I am.

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Bill of Rights

  • Be treated nicely at all times and as a person
  • Have a clean safe place to live in and, a place to be alone
  • Have food that is good for you
  • Be able to go, if you want, to any church, temple, mosque
  • Be able to go to a doctor or dentist when you are sick
  • Be able to have people help you with the way you walk, talk, do things with your hands, act or feel, if you need it
  • Be able to have people help and teach you, if you want
  • Be able to have time and a place to go to be by yourself
  • Be able to call, write letters or talk to anyone you want about anything you want
  • Be able to have your own things and be able to use them
  • Be able to have men and women as friends
  • Be able to join in activities and do things that will help you grow to be the best person you can be
  • Be able to work and make money
  • Be treated like everyone else
  • Not be hit, yelled at, cursed at, or called names that hurt you
  • Be able to learn new things, make friends, have activities to do, and go out in your community
  • Be able to tell people what you want and be part of making plans or decisions about your life
  • Be able to ask someone you want to help you, let others know how you feel or what you want
  • Be able to use your money to pay for things you need and want with help, if you need it
  • Be able to say yes or no before people talk about what you do at work or home or look at your file
  • Be able to complain or ask for changes if you don't like something without being afraid of getting in trouble
  • Not being given medicine that you don't need or held down if you are not hurting yourself or others
  • To vote and learn about laws and your community
  • To say yes or no to being part of a study or experiment

Ottawa County Family and Children First Council

The Ottawa County Family and Children First Council is a community planning partnership.  Council is a cost effective team-driven organization that brings families, community and government together to help prevent and solve problems.  We mobilize the community around issues related to families and children and engage them in action, reduce duplication of effort between organizations, make better decisions that lead to better investments of public dollars, and evaluate the impact.  For more information about council and its activities, visit their website @ www.ottawafcfc.weebly.com.

Ottawa County Family and Children First Council or OCFCFC promotes coordination and collaboration among local governmental social service agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and families for the benefit of Ottawa County’s families and children. They review and sort existing programs, retool existing programs so they lead to better results for families and reinforce each other; identify and fill service gaps; develop a local service coordination plan, and maintain the accountability system which demonstrates progress on achieving Ohio Family and Children First goals. In other words, the council helps families work with a number of agencies to reach solutions that help children reach their full potential.

Early Childhood Coordinating Committee

The Early Childhood Coordinating Committee or ECCC is a committee of the OCFCFC.  The ECCC assists the FCFC in the design, coordination and implementation of the comprehensive, coordinated, interdisciplinary, family-centered Early Intervention system of services for families with an infant or toddler at risk for or with developmental delays.  The ECCC committee of the FCFC may choose to address broader early childhood issues.  Composition of the ECCC shall include representatives of local agencies and services that meet the needs of all infants and toddlers including children who are minority, low-income, homeless, in foster care or live in inner city and/or rural communities. 
If you have or had a child in Early Intervention and are interested in serving on either of the above contact the Family & Children First Council Coordinator at:

Ottawa County Family & Children First Council
Attn: FCFC Coordinator
235 N. Toussaint Sount Road
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
419-898-0400 ext. 3142


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