If you or your child qualifies for services from the Ottawa County Board of DD, our Family Support Specialist is available to serve you or your family. If you are in need of a support person, want to get connected with other families, or you’re seeking a way to enhance your ability to utilize resources, please call 567-262-3100 for more information.

What We Do

Family Support Specialist

Work with Families

A Family Support Specialist works with families whose child receives services from the Ottawa County Board of Developmental Disabilities (early intervention through adulthood).

Support & Friendship

Links families together as a form of support and friendship.


Provides information and knowledge about areas of specific interest.


Listens to ideas or concerns about current programs.


Provides information about programs in our community.


Ensures your point of view and your ideas are supported at Individual Family Support Plan meetings, Individual Education Plan meetings and Individual Service Plan meetings.



Services available through the Family Support Specialist include, but are not limited to:  

Connecting Families

Attending IFSP, IEP & ISP Meetings to support you and your child


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