Service and Support Administration

Service & Support Administration supports individuals in identifying and pursuing life goals while coordinating services across multiple systems.


What is a
Service & Support Administrator (SSA)?

The SSA coordinates services with ODJFS, doctors, psychiatrists, counseling, employment, waiver and residential services

The Service and Support Department (SSA) determines eligibility, provides oversight, advocacy, and service coordination for people with developmental disabilities and serves as a resource for the person, and their family.  A SSA works with people eligible for services and families to identify, and coordinate resources that a person may need including:

Social Security Benefits

Assisting and helping to access Social Security benefits

Uncovered Services

Assisting with accessing funding for transportation & other services not payable by Medicaid or insurance

School & Work

Assisting with transition to preschool, grade school, high school, and transition into the work environment of their choice (supported employment/integrated employment).

Waiver Funding

Assist with coordinating waiver funding for assistive technology, money management, accessibility adaptations, remote supports, in home supports and community supports


Attending & facilitating various meetings (including IEP’s & ISP’s) to help people and families advocate for services.

The SSA staff (acting as the single point of accountability) works with individuals and families to:

The role of the SSA...

  • Establish eligibility
  • Assess a person’s need for services
  • Assist in developing a customized Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Establish an individual budget for services
  • Help the person select service providers
  • Ensure services are effective and are being delivered according to the ISP
  • Monitor the progress of the person and implementation of ISPs
  • Provide information and referral to other community agencies
  • Obtain others services and supports that maintain an individual’s health, safety and welfare
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Other Services Offered by the SSA Department

SSA On-Call/Emergency Response System

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA) is available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

This on-call service is designed for emergency situations in which the SSA can provide assistance to the person of the family, to identify a problem; determine what immediate response is needed, and contact the most appropriate person to take the needed action.

Waiver Services

As Medicaid waivers become available (which subject to a waiting list---link to waiting list information), they can provide direct care services, Adult Day Support/Vocational Services, Support/Integrated Employment, adaptive/assistive equipment, and home modifications.

To obtain more information on Medicaid Waivers, visit the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities website:


Please remember that when a person with developmental disabilities turns 18 they become their own guardian.

Your SSA or SSAA can provide information on establishing guardianship if the person wants someone as their guardian or must have someone appointed as guardian for medical purposes.

More information

SSA Administrative Rule

To obtain a complete copy of the Service & Support Administration Rule, please call the Ottawa County Board of DD Administration office at 419-898-0400 or 419-734-6650 or visit the DODD website:

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SSA Services are provided free of charge to people living in Ottawa County who are eligible for OCBDD Services.