RILEY is attending Terra Community College and studying hard to earn his Power Technology Degree.  He wants to fix farm machinery in the future.

He is a great student who said he just needs to learn in a different way.  Riley said the guidance he receives from the disability center at Terra and his professors, along with help from Ottawa County Board of DD, has helped him succeed in his life.  Last semester his GPA was 3.5, something he (and we) are very proud of!

Riley is a very motivated and busy guy. In addition to taking college courses, he is employed at Christy’s Corners Cafe in Elmore and at a small packing factory in Genoa.  He shared that he likes the people he works with. He looks forward to getting up in the morning and loves going to work.   Sometimes Riley has problems interacting with people due to his autism. He feels that being surrounded by people that encourage him at work, in the community and at home is one of the best things people with disabilities could have.

In his free time Riley participates in track and field, softball, and basketball through the Ottawa County Board of DD and Special Olympics of Ohio programs.  He really enjoys his teammates and coaches, especially Coach Zack and Coach Ray.

Riley said he is very lucky that his bosses, coworkers, family, teammates, coaches, and his intervention specialist are in his life.  One of the things he wants others to know is that people with disabilities can lead normal lives. They want to go to school, work, or just be part of the world.   They just need to concentrate on things that they can do!   “My ability is so much bigger than my disability.”